Last year, we updated our Mutual Assessment (or MA) process, which has served as an important part of our hiring process for a number of years. As a team, we are always learning and growing. In the spirit of this value, we regularly evaluate ways we can pursue better for our candidates, aka our future teammates (aka…maybe you!).

We’ve been listening to our coaches, to our candidates, and to the teammates involved in supporting and facilitating our hiring processes. As we listened, the biggest constant was change. Our team and our business are larger – and growing faster – than ever. Our coaches continued to learn and grow and show up for their teams in new ways. The impact of the pandemic on job-seekers was gargantuan. It helped us clearly see opportunities to adapt our process to better support changes to their day-to-days, regardless of employment status or homelife demands. And along the way, we made the exciting announcement of our acquisition by Stripe.

From customers and partners to current and potential teammates, we love designing experiences that create positivity and meaning for all. And it was through the team’s – and our candidates’ – generous feedback, it became clear: the MA, as a stand-alone program in our hiring process, had served us brilliantly, but the needs of our team and our candidates had outgrown it.  So a loving send off for the Mutual Assessment felt like the clear right choice. At the same time, we saw firsthand the magic that’s possible when building a team through a process built on mutuality: mutual decision ownership, mutual benefit, mutual respect. That’s the secret sauce we’re not interested in walking away from.

So we’ve officially retired The Mutual Assessment as we know it, and are excited to introduce the concept of a Mutual Interview.

We’re designing an experience that will truly make the interview process a two-way street. While we want to learn about you, we want you to learn about TaxJar, our team, our values,  and what we do as a business (we’ll add some links below for you to check out). It’s very important to us that you’re evaluating whether we are aligned with your personal and professional goals and values, and that you feel confident asking the questions you need to know to feel great about saying yes to joining our team.

As we continue to finalize its design, we encourage applicants to share your feedback throughout the process. If you have ideas on how to make the interview process a better, more inclusive and rewarding mutual experience,  we encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

We’re excited to re-think what a Candidate Experience could look like from discovery to offer and, if you come aboard, from hire to retire.  Fresh off of a year of deep listening and learning, and as we excitedly embark on our new journey as a part of Stripe, this feels like the right moment for us to lean into our higher purpose of pursuing better for all those looking to apply for work with TaxJar.

If you are interested in joining our team, visit our Careers page and check out our open positions here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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