Transparency. It’s part of our culture and it’s part of the DNA of everyone who works at TaxJar. And it’s also why we felt the need to write this post to explain a decision that affects both the people at TaxJar and the 15,000+ customers that we support every month.

If you logged into TaxJar this week, you may have seen this notice on your dashboard underneath our most popular automated filing product, AutoFile.


What this means

The window to enroll in AutoFile for new returns is temporarily delayed until May 1st, 2019.  Our normal AutoFile schedule allows new enrollment requests up to 8 days before a state’s deadline, but in this particular circumstance, it’s longerTo meet the growing demand and ensure the accuracy of customer returns, we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily extend this date for new enrollments until on or before May 1, 2019.

Some hardly noticed. But many of our customers (especially our newest customers), noticed and were frustrated and confused. A lot went into making the decision, so we’d like to take some time to explain why we made this choice.

Why did this happen?

1. We have the highest value and respect for our employees.

At TaxJar, we’ve built an incredible automated filing engine that powers the filing of tens of thousands of sales tax returns for customers every month with precision and accuracy that humans can only dream of.

Partnered with the technology is a team of amazingly talented human filing experts. This team spends lots of time making sure that every AutoFile customer has the best experience possible. It’s a critically important job for what we do and our team makes it look easy.

Since South Dakota v. Wayfair, our business has grown. A lot.

As a result we’ve been working diligently to scale our AutoFile team and keep up with the incredible demand for our automated filing services. While we’ve tried tirelessly to avoid this moment, in the end, we’re a technology company powered by humans. That means we all have our limits. Our AutoFile team has been working countless hours outside of regular business days, from weekends to holidays. And they have been doing it with smiles on their faces and an unimaginable passion for our customer that we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

While we’re a fast-growing business with aggressive profit goals, we take very seriously the impact that growth has on our employees’ lives. We made this challenging decision in order to protect the health and wellness of this team.

We knew this wouldn’t be acceptable to all customers, but for us, this was the right decision.

2. We value the quality of our filings and support of our current customers

The second reason that led us to making this decision is that we have a commitment to our existing AutoFile customers who rely on us. We have to ensure that those returns continue to hold our crazy high standard of accuracy and timeliness.

We stand behind every return that we file because it’s how we earn the trust and business of each of our customers.

For customers reading this, we want to be clear about a few things

  • We are not cancelling any active filings. If you are already enrolled in AutoFile, we will continue to file your returns as we always do.
  • We are committed to your success as a customer and we believe that this decision, while challenging, is the right choice to ensure we take necessary steps for the future growth of AutoFile
  • We ask for your patience and understanding. This delay is temporary, and we are working to accept new enrollments on or before May 1, 2019.

We’ve learned from this, too.  

Since we made this decision, we’ve heard from a lot of our customers about how they felt and we know we can do a better job sharing more details with you, sooner.  

We want to assure you that we’re committed to the future of AutoFile, of TaxJar and to supporting your business as we grow together.

In the end, AutoFile is going to be even better. We are going to do everything we can to avoid this happening again, and we hope you’ll understand and appreciate our transparency.