At TaxJar, putting our customers first is at the center of everything we do. 

Our group of dedicated, loyal and passionate TaxJar teammates work tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled experience every time you engage with us. And, we’ve been making sure that while our team members are caring for you and your business, we are caring for them during this particularly challenging time.

Over the last 10 weeks, we have been luckier than most, and haven’t skipped a beat, working as we normally do from our remote locations nationwide. Yet we know that even though we have that part of the challenge mastered, our teams are still dealing with suddenly having to homeschool children, getting used to having a spouse or partner working at home for the first time, or perhaps, grappling with a relative or friend who has, or continues to be sick. It’s a lot. We know that our challenges aren’t any more important than yours and we are all facing this crisis in the best way we can – with kindness and flexibility.

In order to make sure we are taking care of our teams during this challenging time, we are planning to give them an extra “day off” this month on Friday, May 29th. This allows our teams to fully rest up, recharge and focus on family and loved ones. We appreciate your understanding and support of us to do this for our team members.

Rest assured, TaxJar will fully return to business-as-usual on Monday, June 1st.

We look forward to returning, ready for what the rest of the year brings. Again, we thank you for all your support and belief in us.